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Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm EDT
yesterday, the joe biden forces are coming after hillary clinton hard for the nomination in 2016. my question is can hillary be up ended by joe biden? >> it's very unlikely, but i will say this. it's possible, larry. remember in 2006, 2007, what were we saying? hillary couldn't possibly be beaten. you never know. >> that was the answer i hoped you'd give me. let me ask you, besides joe biden who else in your judgment right now might be out there to challenge hillary who you think is not unbeatable? me, too. she could be beaten. >> well, governor martin o'malley is all but running, the governor of maryland. he clearly wants it more than any of the other candidates beyond hillary and biden. you know, if hillary doesn't run, i don't think it's likely. i think it's very unlikely she wouldn't run. if she doesn't run, kady bar the door you'll see democrats right, left and in the middle running. >> let me ask you this. you do think she is going to run. >> when has a clinton not run when they've had the opportunity to run for a public office? never. >> i hear ya. let me go back to jfk, my fa
Aug 28, 2013 4:00am EDT
weapons by the assad regime. speaking last night, u.s. vice president joe biden said there was no doubt chemical weapons were used and those responsible should be held accountable. the british prime minister david cameron's office backed the white house earlier today saying both governments had clear evidence the regime carried out the attacks. cameron reconvened parliament early to vote for a motion on syria on thursday, but some surrounding cautious on international intervention. sergey lavrov has reportedly warned the u.n. that an attack on syria would destabilize the region. hadly gamble is with us on set. >> the russians aren't the only ones worried about what a post assad syria would look like. i had a chance to catch up with an egyptian billionaire and he said, yes, he thinks assad's days are numbered but is deeply troubled about what will happen to the country when assad is gone. >> the problem right now is exactly that. we want to help the syrian people to get out of dictatorship. that is for sure. but under no way fanatic, terroristic elements that operate right now in s
Aug 28, 2013 6:00am EDT
can verify. that has not happened. the more jay carney say it's logical and joe biden say it's undeniable, the more we undermine our case because we haven't advanced independent verification of this happening. >> this is the most interesting thing i heard all day. >> hearing this perspective is interesting and useful. try to put it all together. thank you. appreciate it. appreciate it very much. >> and we do. waiting for a long time for all of these other -- >> here we are, i'm so glad we had that interview. >> here we are. we know it happened, we -- like which gas it was. trying to figure out which division of assad did it and we're just assuming all this, then the arab street which has a totally different perspective. this is a complete mess. what we should do. you heard what his recommendation is, do nothing. >> let europe and the people in nearby countries handle it. >> good luck with that. coming up, the debt appointment. what to expect from housing, employment and the economy. senator john mccain weighs in on possible military responses to chemical attacks in syria. he's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3